Upcoming Projects

I am always looking for a professionals to work with. I still have an opening for professional colorist for a paid coloring gig starting around January/February for Wild West Wizards (see below). Pay will be negotiated. I have several projects in the works that can always use pinups. I am also open to further collaborations if you have a project you are wanting to realize. Please contact me.

Wild West Wizardry (working title only) by Brian Brinlee and Rod Hannah

The Civil War has ended. The Union has its supply of mana and the Confederates have been broken. Will Colton is a bounty hunter trailing outlaws across the Texan frontier. The only thing is, these outlaws are the worst kind of wizards; sorcerers dealing in black magic and death! But Colton has more in common with his prey than a straight forward guy like him would want to admit. He’s on the run too. Wild West Wizardry is set in a parallel world where magic is as great a commodity as gold.

Illustrated by Brian Brinlee.
Written by Brian Brinlee and Rod Hannah.

The project will appear online as a webcomic early 2012 and be collected into a printed trade.

Teaser artwork will likely start appearing in December.

First Ever Manga Project (working title only) by Rod and Leanne Hannah

Shojo manga, illustrated by Leanne Hannah. A romantic comedy set between two worlds, where a sorcerer moonlights as an ordinary mortal in our world to attract the attention of the woman he loves. But if she falls for him, will she be able to accept his dark secrets? The project will appear online as a webcomic early 2012 and be collected into a printed trade.

We hope to share the first character designs in November.

Adeline by Danielle Ellison and Rod Hannah

A girl named Adeline finds herself the last survivor of a crashed space liner and must piece together the mystery of what happened while learning to survive on an alien world. This fantasy project is a collaboration between Danielle Ellison and Rod Hannah, mixing Edgar Rice Burroughs, Elf Quest and post steampunk elements. The project was inspired by one of Danielle’s imaginative sketches of a girl named Adeline. I had been wanting to write a sequential fantasy story, something a little outside of the comics mainsteam, for sometime and I fell under Adeline’s spell. While we wanted to show this girl thrust into a hostile environment, the complete opposite of her domesticated and leisure-filled life, we also wanted her to be the reader’s guide on a literal journey of the imagination.

The project will start appearing online as a webcomic at the start of 2012 and be collected into a printed trade.

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