My First Post…

Here it is… my website. For a long time I’ve flirted with blogs, but never really found a rhythm. With Heroes Con coming up in just under a month, and Baltimore Con later this year, it seems prudent to finally have a home base for my friends and contacts to be able to find out more about me beyond shared hobbies or my business card. So, at last, I have a website to represent me.

If you already know me, then you will find this site useful for details on my latest activity and projects. If you don’t know much about me, then I hope you’ll learn more through my blog and my list of projects. I am generally very poor at keeping in regular contact with people outside of business. This is a flaw I am almost unapologetic about because I tend to be less of a social creature than most of my friends and usually am lost in some world all my own.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. :-)

But as I have nothing else to report as of this moment, I’ll cut this short.