Zombie Weekend

Rod and Leanne Hannah with Rob Zombie, Dec 5, 2009

Our friend Rob Zombie is working on a new comic project called “What Ever Happened to Baron Von Shock,” and my wife, Leanne Hannah is in the editor role once again. Leanne worked with Rob on his Spookshow comic series for Image in 2003-2004 which featured many iconic characters from his twisted imagination, including many named after his songs. Comic Book Resources recently put up an article on Rob’s El Superbeasto animated film, the trade publication of Rob Zombie’s Spookshow and his new Von Shock project. Leanne was quoted a few times. Check it out here:


But something much, much cooler was meeting Rob in Washington DC before his last performance of his 2009 tour. Rob took great care of us and spoiled us rotten with VIP tickets at the 9:30 Club where he was playing. While the support acts, Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures, along with the Nek-Romantics were great, Rob blew everything out of the water with a huge performance for such a small venue. It kicked off with an excerpt from the El Superbeasto animated film with the titular hero and the his ass kicking sister, Suzi X (voiced by Rob’s beautiful and talented wife, Sheri Moon Zombie). Special guests included a giant Marvin, and later a giant Reaper / Creeper. The true test of my fandom is that I can’t name the latter character if it in fact is a character. Sorry Rob!

Here’s looking forward to Rob’s new comic, “What Ever Happened to Baron Von Shock”.

ACME Comics Powers Launch

It started with an email from my friend, Bryan Glass. He had been invited down to Greensboro, NC by Jermaine Exum of ACME Comics to be a guest at the signing and Q&A session to celebrate the launch of Powers Volume 3. Bryan won the award for best new talent at the Harveys in Baltimore just over a month ago, recognized for his work as writer on The Mice Templar, published by Image Comics. Created by Mike Oeming and Bryan Glass, The Mice Templar has been getting a lot of overdue recognition lately as it enters the halfway point of its second volume. The event itself, however, was centered on Powers launching into Volume 3. Mike Oeming and Brian Bendis flew in from the West coast and gave the charming Greensboro comic store and local fans a real treat.

Mike was joined by his wife Taki Soma, co-creator of their book Rapture. David Mack (Kabuki) and Jen Grunwald (Marvel Collected Editions editor) also joined the signing alongside Bryan. After meeting each other and exchanging stories on Friday night, we woke up to a delicious Chick-Fill-A breakfast at the store and then at 12 o’clock the signing commenced. The line extended well down the sidewalk of the shopping center and never let up all day. Everyone had a fantastic time meeting enthusiastic fans and all the while supported by the simply amazing Jermaine and his friendly and outgoing staff.

ACME Comics is one of the nation’s best comic stores. Of that, there can be little doubt. Few are as charming, friendly, well organized, and– best of all– nurturing of the local comic reading community. It was clear from our time there that the staff and volunteers truly love their store. Their enthusiasm and energy made for a fantastic experience for every one of us. While there, Leanne left the store with her rendition of their mascot, ACME Bat, which will grace the wall along with the many other talented guests who have had the pleasure of the store’s hospitality. Check out some of the pictures from the event below.

A special thanks to Bryan Glass for letting us be there with him for such a great experience!

ACME COMICS Powers Vol 3 Launch, Nov 27-29, 2009