Subtle exuberance

After many months of blood sweat and tears (uh oh, here come the proverbs) its time to eat what you kill. That’s how my cliche-ridden Project Manager meetings sound each Wednesday. A bunch of old stubborn men stuck in their ways and views, repeating other people’s wisdom and seldom “practicing what they preach”. I get used to it, but 2+ hours always gives me a headache. It’s always nice to come home and get away from it all. So finding Sovena Red on my doorstep was an odd reminder that I do other things with my life than slave away for the bigoted.

Sovena Red #1 (and possibly the only ever in the series) has been in the works since early this year, based on an idea that is now six years old. The production of the comic was a big learning experiencing, mostly in regards to people management, but also as a publishing experience.

I don’t often leap in the air, or bounce around with excitement… in fact, never might be the word I’m looking for. I tend to have pretty subdued emotions. Having spent the last two weeks waiting for the book to come back from the printers, in which time I’ve been very busy with other projects (including working on the excellent Mice Templar book by Bryan Glass and Michael Oeming), I guess I ended up feeling a little detached. I had half expected the book to come back looking really cheap and worrying I would end up not even wanting to share it at Baltimore Con. However, I think the best way to put it would be to say I am quite pleased. :-)

It really has been a busy year. Blue Milk Special is on its 95th strip, I got some more Cereal Geek work in the can, have been working on The Mice Templar and my own ongoing writing projects, all while holding down a multi-role marketing / web design / photographer / graphic design / IT position for a construction company. Realizing that Sovena Red is actually completed and in my hands is going to take a day or two to truly sink in. Suddenly Baltimore Comic Con seems a lot more exciting! :-)